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JPSS is a full-service provider to the most demanding automobile enthusiast. Maintenance, Track Preparation, Trackside Support, Customization, Design and Full Build Services. You know that JPSS knows suspension. You may not know that JPSS knows Engines.

When we moved to NASCAR Country we made new friends. Joey Arrington has been building Championship NASCAR motors for almost 40 years. His shop is in the old Gillette Evernham engine facility in Concord, NC minutes away from the Charlotte Motor Speedway. They build GM, Toyota and Ford race motors. JPSS motors are built by Joey alongside NASCAR Cup motors by the same Master Engine Builders. They are tuned on the same NASCAR engine dynos as the Cup motors by the same tuners. We cut no corners. We do it one way and only one way.

Living and working down the street from the Martinsville Half Mile of Mayhem Speedway and the Charlotte Speedway, it should come as no surprise that JPSS engine builders and bring years of NASCAR level skill to your build. Some will read this and think they cannot afford to work with JPSS. We see it differently. Look around the forums and internet. You'll see project after project that has gone wrong and being rebuilt for the second and third time. JPSS stands behind our clients and our work. Working with JPSS isn't more expensive. Working with JPSS saves you money.

JPSS conceives, engineers and manufactures the highest quality components to meet the needs of automotive enthusiasts. Every component is tested and proven to meet the obsessive standards of the most demanding people we know, our clients. The JPSS difference goes beyond the quality of our components. It is an experience. We are committed to listening to our clients and guiding them through the decision process to deliver a solution that exceeds their expectations. Our interest is not making a single sale. Our interest is in building relationships that last a lifetime.

When you purchase a JPSS component, you can be confident it will fit like an original equipment part. It will be more robust than the part it replaces. JPSS products will perform as described, meet and exceed your expectations. JPSS components are designed to deliver years of service to the most demanding drivers. Our warranty is straightforward. If it breaks, we’ll replace it. If it wears out, we have a rebuild program. If you are unhappy, we will find a way to make you smile.

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