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Brakes work by friction. The byproducts of brake friction are heat and dust. The better the brake pad, the dirtier and noisy they are. Racing brakes make the squeal of a screaming squealing pig sound like music and they make dust faster than Pig Pen in Peanuts.

There is no such thing as a pad that stops as well and yet by some magic makes less dust. I wish there were. 99.999% of the time most people will never ever need the ALL the power of the excellent pads supplied by Chevy for the 5th and 6th Gen Camaros. They are, in our opinion, the best combination street drive / light track pads available. Stepping down for less dust may never hurt you. However, should you ever be distracted while driving and need to stop before rear ending the car in front of you those few inches may be the difference between and accident and a close call. God forbid a child dart out between cars on a residential street when inches become life and death.

We are not being critical, just trying to be informative, and accurate among a sea of marketing and web based mis-information.

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