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As we strive for continuous improvement, it is rewarding when our efforts are recognized, particularly by an organization that is so important to doing what we love. As a NASA Tech Inspection center less than an hour from VIR, JPSS can not only perform your tech inspection, we can correct any deficiencies. We carry the same service and support to NASA events held at Virginia International Raceway with our mobile trackside support.

For our clients this designation brings a higher level of confidence in our work. Will my cage be built to NASA specifications? When JPSS says yes it will, you already know we are intimately familiar with NASA cage specifications and there is a good chance when you go through tech at VIR, you’ll see some familiar JPSS faces doing the inspections.

When asked what our specialty is, we reply VIR. What we mean is that we understand the how different the world is that you live in when you road course your car. Every system is mission critical. We don’t do nut and bolt checks. We do Life and Death Checks. We don’t replace oil filters. We cut them open and inspect them. We use OEM type computer drive diagnostic tools to do Computer Driven and Tested ABS Brake Bleeds. We don’t do green range alignments. We do JPSS Dead-Nuts, Balls-On Accurate Alignments to 100th of a degree.

NASA and JPSS go together like peanut butter and jelly. We are a perfect match for each other and are proud to be a Certified NASA Tech Inspection Center.

JPSS NASA Inspection Center in Virginia VIR