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Camaro Performance Oil Cooler by JPSS

Dimensions: 12x16x48
Weight: 20.0 lbs
Price: $1,799.99

Product Description

JPSS Camaro 5th Gen 2010 - 2015 Oil Cooler Kit

You asked and asked and asked. We listened and are now doing. This kit is a track oriented package with a 2 1/2 quart cool. It is mounted to a light weight aluminum JPSS bumper bar. We use Brown and Miller Racing lines and virtually never leak fittings, an Improved Racing oil adapter, Fluidynne 2.5 Quart cooler and JPSS Aluminum Bumper Bar.

We get increased air flow, but reduced crash protection with the aluminum bar is a great trade off for a TRACK car.

The monster water cooler on the right for the LS7 Z/28 oil cooler is history. We'll increase the airflow to the radiator while taking load (no longer cooling the oil with shared coolant) from the radiator. The net weight savings is 10 pounds with a Z/28 installation of the JPSS Oil Cooler.

Using the aluminum bumper bar saves weight and allows for additional air flow with the plastic bumper support removed. The increased air flow and oil cooler assure cooler operation. On our track cars with built motors stand alone oil temperature gauges we have never see oil temperatures above 222 degrees. The extra hardware does offset a good portion of the weight savings with a net savings of 10 pounds.

Product Fitment

2010 - 2015 Camaro 
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