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2010 - 2015 Camaro SS Brake Pads Track Ready by G-LOC

SKU: GLC-GP1001-R18
Dimensions: 12x12x6
Weight: 16.0 lbs
*Choose Front, Rear, or Set  
Complete Set - Front & Rear GP1001-R18 & GP1053-R16
Font Pads Only - GP1001-R18, Subtract -$241.00
Rear Pads Only - GP1053-R16, Subtract -$279.00

Base Price: $510.00
Customized Price: $510.00

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Product Description

Please Allow 7 - 10 Days to Ship!

With preburnished JPSS G-LOC pads, you aren't heating the pad to cure it for use. You are seating the pad, mating the pad to your rotor.

Front Compound: G-LOC™  R18:

The R18 is the pinnacle compound of the R-Series compounds engineered by G-LOC™.  R18 is based on the same successful principals and fundamentals that exist in all other G-LOC™ R-Series formulations. R18 has more initial bite, overall bite, and even more controllable torque.  The R18 offers the absolute most linear torque curve we have ever created.  The thermal characteristics and coefficient of friction are of the highest offered by anyone in the braking industry .  This revolutionary compound will lead the way in all major forms of racing (professionally and grassroots).  R18 has a temperature range of 610°F to 2100°F+ (321°C to 1149°C+).  G-LOC™ does NOT recommended R18 for daily use on the street due to elevated levels of dust and noise and the amount of heat needed to work properly.

Rear Compound: G-LOC™  R16:

The R16 is an extremely aggressive initial bite, linear torque curve and excellent fade resistance compound from our lineup of R-Series compounds. The R16 is a natural progression of the highly successful R-Series line of compounds from G-LOC™. R16 has a temperature range of 255°F to 2000°F (123°C to 1093°C). G-LOC™ R16 maintains our philosophy of modulation and release that has been the foundation of all other G-LOC™ R-Series compounds. G-LOC™ does NOT recommended R16 for daily use on the street due to elevated levels of dust and noise and the amount of heat needed to work properly.

Product Fitment

2010 - 2015 Camaro SS 
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