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Trackside Services by JP Superior Solutions -

Trackside Services by JP Superior Solutions -

Contact JPSS Trackside Service, after hours or weekends leave a message. Phone messages are transcribed and immediately texted to our staff. (276) 644-0100 or email

JPSS Track Services:
  • 360 Valet Service
  • Track Attack
  • Dedicated Trackside Support
  • Club Track Day Support
  • Trackside Emergency Repairs

360 Valet Service – If all you want to do is drive, this is your service package. JPSS maintains and stores your track car and trailer. We deliver and setup at the track. We support you while at the track. At the end of your track day we take it back to the shop, complete a full track service including a full detail. When you are ready for your next track date we are waiting for you at the track.

Track Attack – JPSS prepares your car from the ground up. Corner weighted, aligned, brakes bled, pads checked, engine checked, fluids changed so that all is track ready. When we find items that require attention, we contact you and determine the best way to proceed. When your car leaves JPSS, it is track attack ready for you.

Dedicated Trackside Support - JPSS comes prepared to perform fluid changes, brake bleeds using OTC equipment with factory programs, plugs, coil packs, belts wires, pads, rotors and more. Our trackside equipment includes, welder, air compressor, alignment equipment, scales and diagnostic tools. In a dedicated support environment, we have the right spares with us to support your track car or cars.

Club Day Trackside Support – When we know what vehicles will be running, JPSS and TMI at VIR work together to have spares on hand. We will work with your club to make your track days at VIR run as smooth as possible. We will make every effort to have the correct spares for what are known as the common needs of the vehicles in your club.

Trackside Emergency Repairs - Should your #racecar or #extremestreetcar present you with an opportunity for an immediate upgrade while running at VIR call (276) 644-0100 or email If we do not answer, please leave a voice mail. It will be immediately transcribed and texted to our cell phones. We will do our very best to get to the track within two hours including evenings and weekends.

Trackside Services by JP Superior Solutions -

Tow it Home?
When you come in on the strap with the suggestion you tow it home, check with JPSS. In less than an hour we had this M3 approved by Tech and back on track. It was driven home.

Trackside Services by JP Superior Solutions -

Soft Brake Pedal
Let JPSS bleed it old skool or new school with an OTC OEMABS pump cycle.

Trackside Services by JP Superior Solutions -

JPSS Trackside Service and Support
We are here for you, the drivers and will do everything we can to get you back on track.

Trackside Services by JP Superior Solutions -

Do You Have Brake Pads For...
We work with TMI, the VIR Pro Shop and try to cover the vehicles we expect to see at an event. We didn't have pads for this Porsche this week, but we should next time out.

Our shop is located in Martinsville Virginia, approximately one hour from VIR. There is a lot of history in our shop. We occupy the space that #67 Buddy Arrington built and raced NASCAR out of. Rumor has it the fastest shine cars were also built here, but those are just rumors.

Trackside Services by JP Superior Solutions -

JPSS will design a program specifically for you. From basic setup services to turn-key valet delivery and track-side support. There is no such thing as routine maintenance for a JPSS client as they do not use their automobiles in a routine fashion. JPSS clients receive preventative maintenance and performance preparation. Our #1 priority is not customer satisfaction or building fast cars. Our #1 priority is driver safety. For that reason we use only Forgeline wheels, ButlerBuilt seating and SRF brake fluid. We will never compromise on driver safety. Never.

Trackside Services by JP Superior Solutions -

JPSS is a full-service provider to the most demanding automobile enthusiast. Maintenance, Track Preparation, Customization, Design and Full Build Services operating out of Buddy Arrington’s historic NASCAR shop in Martinsville.

Our engine builder, Joey Arrington, has been building Championship NASCAR motors for almost 40 years. His shop is in the old Gillette Evernham engine facility in Concord, NC minutes away from the Charlotte Motor Speedway. They build GM, Toyota and Ford race motors. JPSS motors are built alongside NASCAR Cup motors by the same Master Engine Builders. They are tuned on the same NASCAR engine dynos as the Cup motors by the same tuners. We cut no corners. We do it one way and only one way.

Some will read this and think they cannot afford to work with JPSS. We see it differently. Look around the forums and internet. You'll see project after project that has gone wrong and being rebuilt for the second and third time. JPSS stands behind our clients and our work. Working with JPSS isn't more expensive. Working with JPSS saves you money.

There are no limits to a JPSS build or a Dave Ross design. If you can imagine it, Dave Ross will design it and JPSS will build it. Dave Ross is an automotive and product design consultant with an exceptional track record in the performance and specialty automotive sector. Dave spent over 30 years at General Motors, many of them as Chief Stylist and Design Manager for GM Specialty Cars and Chevrolet Performance. Dave is an industry pillar with a reputation of getting the job done fast, on budget with outstanding results and is happiest when he is hands on in the design.

If you love your car, you will love working with JPSS. JPSS will love your car back.